Feb 23, 2017

Meet Carrie Winters

Carrie grew up in Montague and when she married Pat Winters she moved to Muskegon.  Carrie and Pat have two amazing boys Isaiah (12) and Eli (7 but soon to be 8) who are very active in sports.

Carrie enjoys working at the SLCFAC as she has a passion for fitness and watching people learn about themselves.  "The SLCFAC has a great team and I love my co-workers.  Many friendships have evolved here."

When Carrie isn't at the SLCFAC she likes to run with friends and her dog, hiking, cooking, watching sport movies, hockey and hanging out with her boys.  From fall through spring, Carrie spends many hours at the hockey arena watching her boys play and staying fit running the stairs.  She also enjoys doing crafts and spending an entire day baking in her pajemas every once in awhile.

Carrie has specific fitness goals.  "I always strive to be the best I can in what I am doing."  Her motivations are her health and to be the positive example for her boys and young woman.  Her encouraging words to help motivate her are "This too shall pass.  There is a season or time for all things, but one thing to know for usre that it will pass and there will be other seasons that will require your joy or patience."

So for 2017, Carrie's goal is "to be intentional in all things."  This is her mission for fitness, family, finance, friends time and love!