Jun 7, 2017

Training For Paddle Sports by Kim Evans, SLCFAC Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor

TRX Suspension Training is a unique body weight system that hits all of the muscles needed during paddling.  It focuses on core stabilization, with most exercises performed in a plank position.  TRX can be either modified or intensified depending on your fitness level, which means it is great for beginners or advanced exercisers, and young and old.  Add in some RIP training, which is asymmetrical bar training and you can really sharpen your paddling skills.  Check out the group fitness schedule for times of TRX Suspension Training, or make an appointment with a personal trainer to learn how to use the TRX equipment.  

Upstairs in the cardio area are two Concept2 rowing machines.  Rowing is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise that you can do.  It is non impact and hits those posterior chain muscles in a big way.  Row for time, for distance or speed on the easy to use Concept2.  Rowing will help you with your strength and endurance so you can paddle for a long and enjoyable time.  

When you do get your kayak or SUP out, you have so many options as to where to paddle.  Ottawa County Parks have kayak launches at many of their parks including Hemlock Pines in West Olive, and there are public launch sites on Spring Lake as well.  The Grand River is a spectacular place to paddle as are many lakes and bayous in the area.  Throw your personal floatation device in your kayak, or wear it while you SUP and you are good to go!  Happy paddling!