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Bulldog Martial Arts offers a variety of martial art forms and self defense techniques. The teaching methodology is client-focused (meaning the class is taught at a level to challenge students without going outside of realistic physical limits). Students should expect to be taught useful techniques in a family-friendly environment.

Contact info: Ken Hekhuis (954) 557-5081 or ken@bulldogmartialarts.us


Traditional Chung-Hun TaeKwon-Do

The traditional form of TaeKwon-Do: founded on history, honor, and integrity. This style will challenge students physically and mentally to help them become true martial artists.


Self-Defense Seminars

The self-defense techniques taught at the individual seminars focus on situational specific techniques to help students best protect themselves. The techniques taught will draw from a culmination of various martial arts including, but not limited to: Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, TaeKwon-Do, boxing, KickBoxing, Wrestling, and military-based methods.


Private Lessons

Individualized lessons can be designed around your specific goals.


Traditional TaeKwon Do:

Monday and Wednesdays

6pm-7pm Youth Class (6-13 years)

7pm-8pm Adult Class (13+)